ABC. Easy as 1 2 3

Written by admin - March 13 2008


December 01 2010

for real

May 16 2011

A big hi to Chey from the foothills of the Himalayas….hope he can come and join me for some meditation and tips on staying balanced….he’s cool…

Laura Lush
March 18 2008

Cos he’s a beautiful man person whose energy should resonate with us all.

Ncci G
January 10 2009

was thinking your next big fat head t.shirt guy may be Axle Rose from those rocker/metal roots, although you may totally decide Jomain Jackson with Latoya is the absolute. Yet what ever you have conjured seems to be accepted and absorded which must be a privilegde to move people so. Take care in and around the concrete.
Nicci G

December 01 2010

went to hnhs at the same time as Chey. Saw him pull off what i think was his first Mctwist at the domain ramp ( bout 89- 90). after many close attempts he landed it, it was on dark and a cars headlights were used to light the show up. a privilege to be there. back then he was a humble dude and a legend, somethings dont change

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