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C.R.E.A.M is an apt one for the current financial climate the world faces

kiwi street

Ghetto's are the same all over the world and the ghetto i grew up in was camberley or better known as cambodia. all the streets were native bird names and my street was kiwi street.


DMC had style and he was the man that made the cazal 607's massive worldwide.

love hugs

I'm too old for sex, drugs and rock n roll.. it's love, hugs & hip hop soul. inspired from an album elevation from carlos nino and lil' sci

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hot off the carousel

Under the Lights

Under the Lights

James & Josh's Open Home


admin July 12 2012

thanks dude, i was inspired by the carlos nino and little sci track but kmd is the source! nice.

stuart July 12 2012

great tees.

the love, hugs and hip hop soul is originally a lyric by kmd on figure of speech – mr hood. thought you may be interested. classic tune! peace.