Nga Waiata Pour Homme

Written by admin - June 17 2010


Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog
June 19 2010

Kia Ora,

Any chance you could put up more pictures or any more info? I really want to post about this jewellery on my NZ Design Blog, Fancy. It’s stunning.

June 24 2010

only recieved this one lovely image from brain culy, who photographed a couple of campaign shots, he sent it through because the guy is me brother. i’ll see what i can do.

J.L. Watson
October 27 2010

Hi: I spent some time with your brother when I was visiting with Kahurangi a couple of years ago and had another visit when they came to Canada last year. Your mom was so kind to me during my stay in Aotearoa and I have tried to connect with her since then. I would really like to get a message to her to send greetings and best wishes. I would be thrilled if you could share my email address with her. I hope that she remembers me. She, of course, is unforgettable. Many Thanks

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