Family works fashion doo

we were invited to take part in a local fashion fundraiser for family works, a non profit organisation. we were happy to get involved but were not happy with the music being the wrong ttrack, willie d went to the trouble to make an exclusive track but some tech head pressing play on the cd player wouldn't let him switch over to his music.

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too black, too strong!

Under the Lights

Under the Lights

Arohanui Cushion


KateHums July 14 2010

Handsome is as handsome does!

SM July 20 2010

Where can you buy these clothes from?

admin July 28 2010

you can buy from the shop.

KateHums July 13 2010

Is that Nash!?

admin July 13 2010

Sure is!

John Marston June 30 2010

Looking Good

admin June 30 2010

Thanks John. How is Magic? hope he is giving you lots of tips.

sylvain June 30 2010

The best family!!!