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Ngā mihi nui  thanks so much for your support . We have sent out all pre-orders and have a very small amount of stock left which you can shop here on-line .

Pareu - is our name for sarongs or lava lava. Printed on our hemp/organic cotton. We have two guest artists, Tracey Tawhiao and Nephi Tupaea with two beautiful designs as well as our inhouse designs.

The Tracey Tawhiao and Nephi Tupaea's pareu is a generous sized sarong measuring 230cm x 110cm. Our other pareu are a bit larger measuring 230cm x 120cm

 Pareu is a traditional Polynesian garment worn by both men and women. It is a rectangular piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body and tied in various ways to create various styles. The fabric used for pareu was originally made from bark cloth, also known as tapa cloth, but today cotton and other fabrics are also used. Pareu is often brightly coloured and decorated with floral patterns and traditional designs.